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Asha Carpets is a proud participant in this year’s BKLYN DESIGNS fair, which will be held in DUMBO, NY from May 8 -10, 2009.

Asha Carpets will also participate in New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) during May 16-19, 2009 as part of Bklyn Designs section.
BKLYN DESIGNS™ is New York’s hottest exhibition of designers and manufacturers of contemporary furnishings, lighting, rugs and accessories made and/or designed in Brooklyn, all handpicked by a jury of editors from leading design and shelter magazines.

Asha Carpets is a boutique, Brooklyn-based company that merges the worlds of art and craft to produce design legacies of lasting impact. With a unique grasp on Eastern mores, Asha creates singular works of art that acknowledge the styles and patterns of various world cultures, and the contemporary vision of their diverse artists. Using the finest hand-spun wool, Asha’s carpets are hand woven in China and Nepal by skilled artisans, and the resulting pieces represent the ideal union of modern-day functionality and rarefied beauty. With several innovative carpet collections on exhibit for the first time at this fair, Asha Carpets is sure to make its mark.

(NEW YORK, NY - April 2009) Brooklyn-based ASHA Carpets has introduced several new designs to their collections.

SAKURA - Subject of Sakura is often depicted in traditional Japanese textile design and decorative arts. In our rug the familiar shape of this flower is being reinvented. As in most of our rugs we are not interested only in creating floor covering in beautiful colors and striking design but in texture as well. In this particular rug we used an inter mixture of wild silk and wool. Wild silk is more organic, has more grain and body than processed silk. The outline of flowers and tree branches is woven out of wild silk and in different knot than the rest of rug. The ends of the silk are kept longer to add dimension and grain to the surface of this rug. Silk outline acts as a relief inviting a play of light and shadow. Available in celadon, brown and custom colors.

CHRYSANTHEMUM - Chrysanthemum is inspired by another floral motif used frequently in Japanese textiles. Design is drawn by very fine lines of silk woven in different structure than other areas of the rug, and at the end hand cut to desired length. Silk is blended with wool, what together with different structure of the knot creates textural drawing on the surface of this rug. Inter mixture of natural fibers and variety of weaving methods is always important to us. This is another take on using texture as a integral part of floor covering. Available in flame, aqua and custom colors.

SPARKLE - Sparkle small bursts of dynamic lines reminding of an early stage of fireworks, rays of sun or stars are an inspiration for this design. Mixture of weaving techniques and variety of fibers is being used in Sparkle to add textural effect to this rug. We try to create a rug that might be not only an interesting combination of color and design but alive with texture as well. Available in beige, brown and custom colors.

MESH - Mesh or “walking on the shining wire” was an idea behind design for this rug. We wanted to created an illusion of depth, space and overlapping of linear elements in design. At the and we arrived at the design that stays on the edge of abstract and representational. In Mesh mixture of variety of knots and fibers activates texture which, next to color and design becomes part of it. Structure of fiber, softness or shine is what we are interested in. Available in silver, mist and custom colors.

ASHA Carpet products are adaptable to variations in color and size and each is fashioned with deep a respect and knowledge of the past, combined with a passion for innovation.  The company creates carpets that celebrate contemporary design, while honoring the rich heritage of the antique carpet tradition.

For more info: ASHA CARPETS, 94-98 Nassau Avenue, suite 360, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tel (914) 645-1262, e-mail: